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You remember it well, particularly from childhood: you’re having an awesome outdoor adventure, but then the sun goes down and everyone has to stop. But what if you could continue playing your favorite sport, hiking, or watching wildlife after dark while capturing all the action? Now, there’s a way. Adventure seekers around the world are discovering they can turn the darkness into light using the BlazeTorch. This innovative product provides users with near military-grade night vision at a price consumers can afford. Even better, the BlazeTorch allows you to upload and share your adventures worldwide on the Blaze night portal.

Videos shot with action cameras have become increasingly popular on social media. Folks with an active lifestyle want to chronicle and share their adventures with others. But up until now, there hasn’t really been a cost-effective solution for recording these activities after dark. Cell phones have low light cameras, but they simply can’t do night vision.

In the past, night vision products have typically been of military or commercial grade with prices to match. eMagin’s HMD group saw a need for such technology in the consumer market and was the first to create an innovative product that’s high quality, wearable, and easy to use. Thanks to Blaze, the best night vision experience available is now in everyone’s reach. Slip on the BlazeTorch goggle system and suddenly a new world appears before your eyes. The BlazeTorch is comfortable enough to wear for hours, freeing your hands for your favorite sport or activity. Best of all, you can record your adventures in HD quality video or stream them live to share with family, friends, and fans.

The BlazeTorch industrial design has an advanced optical system. Image processing utilizes near-infrared spectroscopy (NIRS), a region of the electromagnetic spectrum from about 700 nm to 2500 nm, to provide crisp, detailed images. The BlazeTorch advanced optical system offers many future advantages for incorporating Augmented Reality into its night vision gear, allowing users to see computer generated data in front of their eyes while looking out at the real world.

Night vision has many applications. Whether you want to continue activities like skiing or hiking after sunset, or just need to finish an exterior project, night vision can make all the difference. More recreation venues are offering activities after dark like night mountain biking, skiing, zip lining, and ropes courses. Night vision can even be used by law enforcement and first responders to gather information and report on weather-related incidents or accidents.

Blaze is the only company offering consumer-ready night vision technology. The BlazeTorch offers wearability and performance at a price point that makes sense. Now there’s no reason to stop the adventure just because the sun goes down. With the BlazeTorch, you can see everything as clearly at night as you would during the day – while recording every moment.

Open up a new world with amazing detail and capture events like never before with Blaze night vision products. Check out the BlazeTorch today!