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Have you ever wanted to discover nature’s night side, start your own journey, and experience new nighttime adventures while recording in HD quality video?

BlazeTorch and BlazeSpark—handheld and wearable night vision gear for consumer, commercial, and industrial use—will help you explore the world well into the night with the cutting edge of video technology.

We all know what “night vision” looks like—the grainy, greenish images from television and film are familiar to us all. If you wanted to venture out into the night, there has been no high-quality night vision product on the market for consumers. Until now.

Using extreme low-light NIR sensor technology, BlazeSpark and BlazeTorch, in handheld and wearable headset configurations, allow customers to document their nighttime activities with either high-quality video or photos. Business users and first responders will now be able to complete their tasks, in the dark, hands-free and without the use of artificial light. Blaze combines this cutting-edge technology with HD video capture/streaming, photo snapshots, and a Revision Desert Locus goggle system for the ultimate in eye protection. BlazeSpark uses an Android app (iOS coming soon) for social sharing and chat.

With BlazeTorch and BlazeSpark, you can see in extreme darkness without artificial light, allowing you to document your fun or business activities in more natural conditions. The goggles—a Revision ballistic product that meets multiple safety standards—provide the user with the ultimate near-eye protection available on the market.

“BlazeTorch allows the active user to wear the night gear goggles without having to hold anything in their hands,” explains Dan Cui of eMagin HMD group. “A near zero-latency in the optical system means the user can effectively walk around without becoming disoriented. The handheld device, BlazeSpark, is for the person who wants to be the spectator, or is just interested in showing video or photos of their activities.”

Put on BlazeTorch and remove the cloak of darkness to reveal the wonders of the night as you move around, and record your adventure hands-free in HD quality video. Upload and share that adventure with your friends and other nighttime enthusiasts around the world on the Blaze night portal.

Other night vision products are thermal IR devices, which reduce the ability to see fine details due to IR Bloom, while our NIR technology allows the user to see very fine details in whatever they are looking at—a feature critical for many use models. Blaze products have no real competitors – most other companies offer thermal IR devices, we are the only company offering a NIR product that provides HD-quality images.

With BlazeTorch and BlazeSpark, you can become a leader in nighttime video and photography. Continue to explore the world around you, create business videos and photos, or take high quality images well into the night with the first platform for consumer night vision. BlazeTorch and BlazeSpark will make you not just a part of the growing “after dark” community, but a leader in it as you share your adventures and capture events like never before. To learn more about how you can capture the night with BlazeTorch and BlazeSpark, visit today.