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In classic science fiction novels by Arthur C. Clarke and popular movies like Iron Man and Minority Report, the possibilities of Augmented Reality capture the imagination. It’s not hard to understand why – who doesn’t want to be as powerful as Tony Stark? Augmented Reality (AR) is a way to display computer-generated information in your line of sight. This innovation is proving to be extremely useful in many industries. While consumers are slowly being introduced to AR via apps like Pokémon GO and other entertainment platforms, the most remarkable AR activity is on the industrial side of things.

A hot topic across many industries from healthcare to military training, Virtual and Augmented Reality is a tool to be leveraged in some of the most critical jobs on the planet. Imagine a surgeon or doctor looking at a patient while information about the patient’s condition is immediately displayed in the surgeon’s glasses. Presenting crucial information in the line of sight of the user means multi-tasking is much easier. This technology will save money, time, and potentially lives as critical information is quickly accessed by the experts who need it.

Another key industry for AR is in military applications and private security. Imagine a special forces operation using night vision goggles, with AR technology simultaneously providing key information about targets and locations – displayed without any soldier having to take eyes off the surroundings.

While AR opens exciting new doors in a variety of industries and professional applications, it will also find a place in innovative new consumer products as well. For example, one of the innovations is the cutting-edge night vision technology from eMagin’s HMD group. We have built the world’s first platform for consumer night vision, coupled with an advanced camera with the capability to take both high-quality day and night shots. With Blaze, nighttime photography is now possible without the need for highly specialized and expensive systems. Blaze night gear is the perfect platform to implement nighttime AR capabilities.

Prior to joining eMagin, members of the HMD team were the first to realize the potential for AR capabilities in the consumer realm, as well as the manufacturing processes needed for the high volume production of near-eye systems. They created the world’s first generation of Android based AR headsets called SmartGlasses; their patents were eventually purchased by Google and used in the development of Google Glass. The eMagin HMD leadership team is often asked to deliver keynote speeches on the subject at industry events.

AR technology is no longer a figment of the imagination, or the stuff of science fiction novels and movies. It now has the very real ability to improve quality of life for the entire planet. From healthcare to entertainment, products with embedded AR components will allow people to throw away hand held devices and focus on what’s right in front of their eyes at all times. AR technologies have the potential to make an incredible impact. Find out more about how AR can be used in your industry right now at